Our Story

That’s me (David) on the left and my best friend (AJ) on the right about 10 years ago.  AJ and his family would be leaving to move to Southern France a week from then to run a Beautiful B&B they had just purchased. We were all feeling happy for the dream becoming a reality, but very sad since we would all be so far apart.  However, on that same day AJ and I also came up with the idea that would change the way real estate is promoted on the internet.

We had been producing full-motion real estate video tours for real estate agents for years.  Uploading them to several social media sites so they could be viewed anywhere.  While there was no difficulty viewing the videos, the problem that real estate agents had was that while the video was playing, their competitors videos were also in full view, waiting to start playing as soon as theirs was finished.  That was the problem and the answer was simple, yet would take us 10 years to develop!

So, that’s what we’ve been working on (nights and weekends) all these years.  We have created a site that allows real estate agents to upload their videos or slideshows to the internet, while providing certainty that the only property seen by viewers while its being played will be the agents, no one else’s.  Additionally, we also ensure that when the video stops playing, it just stops.  No other property starts, and no other agents contact information is displayed.  Well, that’s what we’ve done and…you’re welcome.